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 January 2018

Poppy Room and Daisy Room

In the Poppy room the babies will be enjoying lots of sensory play with our "Circus" theme.  They will be enjoying playing in our ball pool, catching throwing and rollng the different balls.  They will be playing peek a boo in the circus tent and octagon.  They will be experimenting with different coloured paint, nice bright colours and rainbows.  They will also be getting messy with custard play.  All this whilst practising walking skills, climbing skills and balance skills with our climbing frame and slide.

Tulip Room

The Tulips have been exploring their environment, they have been getting out in the new allotment. Planting and digging and getting muddy.  They will be visiting a nearby allotment too to look at what plants we can plant and what are weeds!

The Daffodil Room

The Daffodil room children have been looking at Summer time.  They will also be working in the new allotment we have built to the side of the nursery.  They will learn all about what insects are important when planting and what plants you can eat.  They will also be looking at what produce they can plant to eat and cook!!

Bluebell Room

The Bluebells have been getting ready to paaaaaarty!  They have been making lots of lovely decorations all ready for our Summer ball.  They will be dressing up in Super Hero costumes along with the staff to celebrate their graduation to school.  There will be lots of yummy healthy food to eat during our celebrations and there will be lots of tears of joy too when they leave!  Not a dry eye in the house!!

Communication and Language Tip of the Month

Top tip for parents!

Use simple, repetitive language.

Young children find it difficult to

understand sentences that are more than

five or six words long, so keep your

sentences short.  Saying things more than 

once in the same way helps children who

don't understand the first time.  Follow

your child's lead by tuning into their