Bright Futures Childcare Limited

Poppy Room

Daisy Room


Bluebell Room


Outside play area


The Poppy Room (babies)

Ratio 1 staff member to 3 children

Offers a moon shaped carpeted area to enable small babies to sit comfortably on the floor.  This also enables them to learn to crawl / lie on their tummies and not hurt their little knees.

(Staff are : Jodie, Haide and Alex)

The Daisy Room (Toddlers to 2 yrs)

Offers a split room, it has a full room of cozy lighting and seating with carpeted flooring for crawling and sitting and another part of the room with hard flooring for messy play.  

(Staff : Ellie and Mandy)

The Tulip Room (Early 2 year unit)

Offers a half carpeted room for children just starting on their feet.  They are still a little wobbly on their feet and prone to tumbling.  They have a large hard floor for lots of messy play.

(Staff : Amy, Homaira and Fazeela)


Tulip Room

Daffodil Room

The Daffodil Room (2 year unit)

Offers lots and lots of space for children to explore all the different kinds of areas:

Role Play, Home Corner, Transport, Book Corner, Creative area

(Staff are : Nicole, Kelly, Sarah, Stacey and Alma)

The Bluebell Room (3 year - pre-school - unit

Offers a fantastic roomy space for children to messy play to their hearts content.  The children have lots of learning products and equipment to enable them to learn and play - ready for school.  This room has a fully qualified Teacher, helping the staff and children gain confidence ready for their transition to school.

(Staff are: Tyrone, Kim, Sam and Leonie)

Cover Staff are:  Kirsty and Lucy

Directors : Debi and Angela

Operations Manager : Hayley

Manager : Angela          

Seniors : Nicole

Room Leaders :   Alex, Amy and Nicole

Cook : Janice

Assistant Cook : Karen

Maintenance : Doug and Steven