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Each month our nursery sends out a newsletter informing all our parents what we are doing that month, any changes, reminders and special dates such as Christmas and Easter.


The newsletters are also updated on our website to inform prospective parents of what the nursery does on a month to month basis.


Each month the nursery celebrates a "theme".  


We also have a "Parents' Notice Board" in the entrance hall , providing any relevant information parents may need.


There is also a "Parental Involvment" poster for parents to add any suggestions for activities relating to that month's theme.


We have a "Parents Questionnaire" which we conduct each 2nd month which includes suggestions on menu's, equipment, resources etc so they may have some input on what happens in the nursery and we enjoy a wealth of input and ideas for them.


We are always open to new ideas from our parents and the community and should you wish to see one of our newsletters, please click on the relevant month here.









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